“Showing gratitude is one of the most simplest yet most powerful things that human beings can do for each other.” —Randy Pausch

Thanksgiving. It’s a time dedicated to giving thanks and expressing gratitude to those you love.

The act of expressing gratitude is important for your spouse who receives your gratitude as well as for you who is giving it.

When you do this for and with each other it changes your perspective on your marriage.

When you express your appreciation for what you have your world shifts.

Your mind shifts.

Life changes when you are thankful for things you have and can actually express that out loud.

What you share doesn’t have to be anything earth shattering.

It doesn’t have to be huge.

But it has to be said.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about why it’s important to express gratitude in your marriage and how you can incorporate this idea into the holidays.

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