“Men who trust other men will make fewer mistakes than he who distrusts them.” —Camillo de Cavour

When you think about your friendships as a kid and as an adult a few things stand out and the research is supporting this.

During childhood both boys and girls have friends and often make deep friendships.

From roughhousing on the playground to building with Legos, from competing on the sports field to running to winning the debate, there is a connection that boys have that as children often looks similar to girls.

And then somewhere in those middle teenage years research says that the friendships boys have start to change.

They don’t necessarily have that emotional connection, it’s not a place to be vulnerable and yet men need this as much as women.

Think about the friends that each of you have.

Maybe your friends are couple friends. You both share and hang out together on the weekends.

Or the friends that you hang with are the husbands of your wives friends or the dads of your kids friends.

Men need their own friends.

Wives you can’t be everything for your husband. It’s not healthy for either of you.

Husbands you need to hang out with men.

Without deep, vulnerable friendships men live in a facade. They keep up the image at work, at home, everywhere and become more and more isolated.

Truth is that men have the same emotional needs that women do, granted it looks different.

Wives, you need to be encouraging your husband to grow strong, positive friendships with men who will encourage him to be a strong man and husband.

Guys you need mentors and peers who will elevate who you are, who will provide you with that sounding board and understanding.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about why you as a man and husband need friends that will encourage, lift you up and support you through all seasons of life.

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