“Being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness rather it is a sign of strength. It takes courage to let others into your world.” —Anonymous

As a couple you may be stuck.

You may be stuck in the same routines.

Maybe you’re stuck in the same fights.

Or you’ve noticed that your marriage is stuck in the same cycles.

It’s as if every day is groundhog day. You wake up and the same day is repeated over and over again.

This repetition in your marriage leads to feelings of boredom, discontentment and a lack of interest.

Recently you’ve been asking yourself, “Is this is as good as it gets?”


If you are not willing to make a change it might be time.

With a few tweaks you’d be amazed what could happen in your marriage.

Here’s the thing, to get something different you have to do something different.

What are you willing to do in your marriage to experience a shift like never before?

Where can you begin to change the environment in your marriage?

How will stepping into a new habit impact what you do with your spouse?

To get to extraordinary you need to stop waiting for your spouse to grow or change first and take the lead.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about the importance of taking action to create change in your marriage.

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