“Your marriage vows say for as long as life shall last NOT until you get tired or you don’t want to anymore.” —Anonymous

We’ve all seen images of marathoners running mile after mile, people dropping out, cramps, fatigue, or “hitting the wall”.

The well trained individual, the elite athlete, and those who have committed to the process make it the full distance, they are the ones who finish the 26.2 miles. 

On the flip side you have the sprinters, they go hard, really hard for such a short period and then it’s done.

So many people are treating their marriages like a sprint and yet the reality is that marriage is the ultimate marathon.

More and more people are buying into the idea that you push really hard at the beginning, you give it everything you’ve got and then….

You’re done, it’s over, there nothing else.

It’s the quick fix, the quick answer, the easy path… just like the sprinters.

You were never promised a happily ever after. You have to take action to create an environment where your marriages can grow and flourish.

At some point every marathon finisher wants to quit. They’ve had bad days and dreaded the hills, the heat, the cramps, or the routine.

But you know what?

They still push through, they know that in order to make it to the finish line, it’s not about quitting it’s about persevering.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about how your commitment to marriage is the ultimate marathon with an unknown finish line.

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