“I love the look you give me when you really want me.” —Anonymous


We now live in marriages where our eyes spend more time looking at a screen then looking at one another.

What we are looking at is having a huge impact on the connection in our marriages.

If your eyes are always on a screen, always looking down, always engaged with something else then you are placing more value on the images on the screen than you do with the person you share a bed with.

When you get to a place where you would rather pick up your phone and text someone instead of having a conversation it tells you how much you value the relationship.

It’s not just where your eyes are wandering to, but it’s also how you’re communicating.

People are spending so much time texting that they have forgotten how to have a conversation.

Yelling all the time is the equivalent of an all caps text message.

Ignoring a message or not responding to a message that the other person can see was delivered is the equivalent of saying I don’t care.

We have to make the decision that what’s on the screen cannot be more important than the human being in front of us.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about the importance of knowing where your eyes are looking and the message that they send to your spouse.


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