You never get tired of hearing from your spouse how awesome and amazing you are.

40 Reasons Why You Are Awesome and Amazing!

It’s the verbal affirmation that you are being the best spouse you can to them. Plus, who doesn’t like to be told they’re awesome and amazing.

I walked into the house after a long, 100 mile, birthday bike ride. The start of a new decade as I turned the BIG 4-0.

As sweat dripped down my face and I began to catch my breath I was greeted by Alisa and the kids.

They cornered me in the kitchen, where I was preparing my recovery smoothie, with smiles from ear-to-ear. I knew something was up, but what I didn’t know. It was then that they presented me with a sheet of paper.

A white 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper where each one of them wrote down why I’m an awesome and amazing husband and father.

As I stood there reading each one out loud, I would guess who it was and sometimes they would tell me who it was. We laughed, smiled, and I even got teary eyed.

Here’s what they wrote:

40 Reasons Why You Are Awesome and Amazing!

  1. You are nice.
  2. You are kind.
  3. You wrestle with the kids.
  4. You think of others.
  5. You like Iron Man.
  6. You have provided for our family for the last 16 1/2 years.
  7. You love me in spite of all my aggravating habits.
  8. You love us all no matter what.
  9. You have never given up on our marriage.
  10. You take care of your body.
  11. You are dedicated to growing ONE Extraordinary Marriage.
  12. You always do the laundry for us.
  13. You like In-N-Out Burger.
  14. You always help Abby sell delicious Girl Scout cookies.
  15. You seek out God’s direction in your life.
  16. You like to cuddle up.
  17. You read with the kids.
  18. You read your Bible.
  19. You value family.
  20. You build lifelong friendships.
  21. You spend a lot of time on the computer.
  22. You like to listen to the song “22”.
  23. You seek out wise counsel.
  24. You like to listen to songs.
  25. You rock out with me before podcasting.
  26. You like to try new things.
  27. You see the big picture.
  28. You have funny shirts.
  29. You choose to eat healthy.
  30. You support all of us in what we do.
  31. You keep your colorful shoes neat.
  32. You like cinnamon pull apart.
  33. You love your parents.
  34. You listen to what God says to you.
  35. You face your fears and push through them.
  36. You are the best dent guy we know.
  37. You make good dinners.
  38. You care deeply for the people in your life.
  39. You help homeless people.
  40. You make 40 look fabulous!

We have done these together as we celebrated our last two wedding anniversaries, 23 Marriage Lesson’s We’ve Learned Over the Last 15 Years and 16 Reasons Why I Still Love My Wife After 16 Years of Marriage, but this list stood out from those because it was about ME.

Would your spouse appreciate knowing why you think they’re awesome and amazing?

I bet they would.

Pull out a sheet of paper. Use their age for the number of reasons. Think of what makes them amazing to you. Start writing. Present it and enjoy as they read it out loud.

To help you get started tell us the 5 Reasons Your Spouse is Awesome and Amazing in the comments below.