When you first met your spouse we’re guessing that there was excitement and mystery between the two of you.

Back then your boyfriend, now husband, would bring you a sunflower with a special written note just for you.

Maybe your girlfriend, now wife, would greet you at the park with a picnic basket full of your favorite treats.

Time passed and the two of you continued to romance each other.

Then you got married.

You saw each other every day

You had kids.

Work became stressful.

Those memories of being romanced and romancing your spouse faded away.

It is time to get the romance back in your marriage.

Here’s the thing and please do not take this the wrong way, the feelings of excitement are going to be different now than when you first met your spouse.

Before we get to the 40 Romantic Ideas, let’s look at a few points on how to use the list:

  1. Date Night/Day. Make it a point to get in at least one date in each month. If you can get in more than do so. Some of these will get you out of the house while others may be at home after the kids go to bed.
  2. Communicate. Your relationship has grown over the years. What you liked when you both first met may be different today. Make sure you ask your spouse how they would like to be romanced.
  3. Inspiration. This list has some obvious romantic ideas. It is our goal to give you inspiration so that you can take it from there. Add your own flare to personalize any of them.
  4. Cost. Romancing your spouse can cost anywhere from nothing to expensive. It’s not how much you spend to romance your spouse, but instead how often you romance each other.

40 Romantic Ideas You Can Use Today to Spice Up Your Marriage

  1. Walk along the beach/creek/lake
  2. Watch the sunset
  3. Pack a picnic lunch
  4. Full-body massage
  5. Wash each others feet
  6. Declare your love publicly
  7. Dance under candle lights
  8. Glow in the dark body paint
  9. Feed each other strawberries and chocolate
  10. Stargaze during a new moon
  11. Watch a full moon rise
  12. Take a shower outside
  13. Play a sexy board game (clothing optional)
  14. Dinner in after the kids are in bed
  15. Say “I Love You” on the bathroom mirror
  16. Cuddle naked under the covers
  17. Weekend getaway
  18. Call a local radio station and request your favorite love song
  19. 7 Days of Sex Challenge
  20. Make custom certificates with a treat you’ll provide
  21. Trim yourself up (wax, shave, design)
  22. Make out in the movie theatre
  23. Don’t talk about the kids
  24. Sit at a café sharing each others drinks
  25. Read a fiction book out loud
  26. Bathroom essentials for both of you
  27. Breakfast in bed
  28. Create a music playlist
  29. Send a sexy text message
  30. Kiss in the rain
  31. Enjoy the view from the top of a ferris wheel
  32. Write a poem together and frame it
  33. Have professional photos taken of the two of you (no kids)
  34. Look at your wedding album & remember that special day
  35. Stroll through your favorite art gallery
  36. Lay back, hold hands and cloud watch
  37. Write a list of reasons why you love your spouse
  38. Dress up just because & go commando
  39. Play in the fall leaves
  40. Go on a hot air balloon ride

It’s now time for you to go and romance your spouse. Have fun and most of all enjoy the time you two get to spend together.

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