“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way that you carry it. ” —Lou Holtz

It’s no surprise that the holidays are coming.

Recently we’ve mentioned that the holidays are showing up again this year.

Along with the holidays comes time with everyone at home, your extended family and all of their quirks.

You may incur different expenses, getting the Christmas cards done, baking those holiday favorites and lots of invitations to special events.

In general this leaves you feeling that there isn’t enough time to get it all done.

When the sense of overwhelm starts to creep into your marriage a number of things can happen:

  • Impatience
  • Short temperedness
  • Sharp words
  • Disconnect

And the two of you may find yourselves thinking that the holidays really aren’t so merry after all.

Couple all this with the adorable pictures on your social media feeds of sweet family pictures, Pinterest worthy meals and gala events and it’s enough to pull any couple in two completely opposite directions.

The holidays don’t have to be a time of disconnect.

They don’t have to be something you just “make it through” in order to get to the New Year.

You can finish off the year loving and enjoying the holidays with your spouse and family.

In this week’s show Tony and Alisa talk about special marriage hacks to make it through the holidays.

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