“I fell in love with the way that you touched me without using your hands.” —Anonymous

Romance is pretty self-explanatory, right? Wrong!

What seems to come so naturally and be more potent than drugs while dating can become elusive as a couple spends years and decades together.

ONE Extraordinary Marriage conducted an anonymous online survey to uncover what’s really going on in marriages. Here’s what we found: [Infographic] How Important is Romance?

Each person is unique, but each gender interprets “romance” differently.

Romancing a wife probably means prioritizing her in her husband’s schedule or affirming her with verbal communication. Romancing a husband overwhelmingly means pursuing him physically.

However, most married folks think they romance their spouse more than their spouse feels that they are being romanced. It’s probably because each spouse is romancing the other how they want to be romanced, rather than learning how their spouse appreciates pursuit.

Barriers to Romance

The top results weren’t surprising (money limitations, work challenges, kids, and lack of ideas), but some significant trends appear: Work challenges are at their highest in the first 5 years of marriage, but taper as a barrier.

Balancing kids’ demands and schedules takes the cake for the next 10 years, and after 15 years of marriage the top issue facing couples was a lack of ideas of how to romance your spouse.

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