“When I first met you I honestly didn’t know how important you were going to be to me.” —Anonymous

What you don’t know is sometimes better than you ever imagined.

That’s what Tony and Alisa learned this weekend at the ONE Marriage Conference.

One jam-packed day, 8 sessions plus workshops, 100 married people, and hundreds of “ah-ha” moments experienced. We learned how much stronger the power of the ONE family is than we realized.

We saw how much more powerful face-to-face communication is than being separated by cyberspace. We didn’t know how hungry you guys were for more and you helped us expand our vision for ONE Extraordinary Marriage.

And we never would have known about any of it had we not taken the risk, put in the work, and put on the first ONE Conference.

The same principle applies to your marriage.

We know it’s scary to be vulnerable and attempt to take your relationship to the next level. But it all has to start with an “ask”. Make it a point to ask your spouse how you could become a better husband/wife. Ask them for help. Ask them for what you need.

You just might be astounded at what will happen.

Putting into practice what we’ve learned, we want to ask you — if you want to help bring the ONE message to your local community, reach out to us.

Please don’t hesitate to send Tony an email ([email protected]) and connect us with your local pastor, church and/or community.

We would love to bring a future ONE Conference to your area, but you’re an important part of that because you know people who we don’t!

The earnest desire of our hearts is to equip marriages to thrive and to lower the divorce rate. Will you help us by sharing us with those who need it?

EPISODE SPONSOR | ONE Marriage Conference

Join Tony and Alisa for a marriage conference unlike any other! True to the ONE Extraordinary Marriage approach, we cut straight to the heart of hurdles in your marriage.

The ONE Conference unites you with your spouse, connects you with others in the ONE Family, and enhances intimacies in your marriage.

Register today before it sells out.

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