“Great things never come from inside the comfort zone.” —Anonymous

It’s one thing to say your marriage is a top priority for you (and since you’re reading this post, it probably is). It’s something else entirely when you commit to improving specific areas of your marriage with accountability.

Have you discussed with your spouse what their sexual desires are at this stage of your life? What are you doing about it?

We’ve found sexual intimacy to be so vital to the health of all of our other marital intimacies, we want to unlock its potential in your marriage, too. Our marriage began operating at a new level once we were able to discuss our sex life. That was 10 years ago and the catalyst for what started ONE. Connecting sexually enabled Tony to communicate more openly about other areas. This vulnerability helped Alisa to understand Tony’s perspective and show love in ways that were more meaningful to Tony.

In a September 2018 poll we found out that 13% of our listeners have completed a sex challenge. We applaud each one of you because you’ve realized how many walls get broken down in your marriage when you make an intentional commitment to your sexual intimacy.

But fewer people have embarked upon the Intimacy Lifestyle. (For more information on the Intimacy Lifestyle check out 140: Scheduling Sex, 422: What is the Intimacy Lifestyle. How Can the Intimacy Lifestyle Make Sex Easier For the Low Desire Spouse?).

What does implementing the Intimacy Lifestyle say to your spouse? Four things:

  1. I want to be on the same team with you when it comes to our sexual intimacy
  2. Our sex life is important
  3. This is an area of our marriage that we can talk about
  4. I want to understand your sexual needs and desires

So, where do you go from here? Each marriage is unique and there is no single plan that will equip everyone to thrive. But we’ve built a simple guide that will walk you through the process. After you answer each of the questions in the Intimacy Lifestyle Planner you and your spouse will walk away with a customized plan built around your needs and desires. Take the next step — very little in life happens without a plan.

If you or your spouse has suffered from any form of sexual abuse and this topic elicits significant fear or distress, we encourage you to seek help first. It is vitally important that you heal from your past and can come to your marriage sexually restored before moving forward.


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