“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” —Bobby Unser

Do you want to have a fabulous Christmas season? We certainly do, and we want to equip you to take advantage of the season. Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

We thought about what it would look like to build out the 12 days of Christmas as a community of married couples? Pick 12 days to romance your spouse this month – do one thing each day and it will be a remarkable two weeks.

What’s your favorite way to connect with your spouse?

  1. Cuddles. In bed, on the sofa, an extended hug, these physical touches can provide assurance and security that the frenziness of the season can rob from us.
  2. Messages. Send a text message midday, or leave a post it note for him to find. Who wouldn’t love to read, “You light up my world”?
  3. Quiet time before bed. All the “other stuff” will still be there tomorrow, but this can be a special window to share.
  4. Set the mood. Get your phones out of your bedroom. Try a new salt lamp. Everybody looks good in soft light. Great way to initiate.
  5. Old School Game night. Card games, board games, conversation games – have some fun together playing.
  6. Morning pillow talk. That’s code for morning sex. What a great way to get the weekend started!
  7. Have a Date. Don’t use lack of time as an excuse – start a fire at home. A walk after dinner. Share a hot cup of coffee together in the morning before the schedule begins.
  8. Meaningful conversation. Skip the “how was your day?” rhetoric and opt for something that will enable a deeper exchange. Try, “What was the best/hardest part of your day?” This way you will be able to celebrate with them and learn how to encourage them.
  9. New lube. Stress wreaks havoc on body chemistry. Help yourselves out and find something you might enjoy!
  10. Adventure. If you have to cut something out of the schedule, do it. There might be consequences, but acknowledge it and decide what’s worth it.
  11. Tune in. Listen to your favorite podcast together, and feel free to pause it periodically and share your ideas and thoughts with your spouse!
  12. Splurge in the bedroom. Be that a new item or freshly laundered and ironed sheets, put forth the effort to make your bedroom the sanctuary worthy of your marital intimacy.  Check out our Amazon Shop for more ideas.

Forget Elf on the Shelf placement. Use that time to plan some intentionality in your marriage.


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