“Realize deeply that the present moment is all that you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” —Anonymous

The dichotomy between being fully present with your spouse and being two passing ships makes all the difference in your marriage, and that’s why we are dedicating our 2019 theme as #InTheMoment.

Being in the moment, fully present with your spouse, will not only transform your date nights and intimacy but also permeates all other aspects of your life.

Skeptical? Test it.

Do you ever feel unseen when your spouse is on their phone? Do you feel less valued when your spouse is quick to respond to a friend or family member’s request for help, but slow to ask how they can help you? What about work — do distractions creep in on what you thought was family time?

We’re willing to bet that most people aren’t aware of how damaging these distractions can be to their marriage.

Every couple is different — and each spouse has different challenges. Before you point fingers at your spouse, we challenge each person to identify your own culprits that take you away from being in the moment with your spouse. Next, try to be introspective as to why you allow those distractions to steal your attention away (like, the underlying motivation for those actions).

Finally, decide on an area you want to tackle over the next 30 days and make a plan on how you will commit to effective mitigation of that distraction. And tell us how it’s going for you! We’ll choose a new winner each month that uses the hashtag #InTheMoment and tags us @OneExtraordinaryMarriage! (Of course, no need to post real-time, the next day will work fine!)


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