“Going to bed at night saying WE’VE done something wonderful. That’s what matters to me.” —Steve Jobs

What does your bedtime routine look like with your spouse? We want to dive into the value you can get from creating your own bedtime routine — together.

Our routine has changed over the years. In our early years, going to bed together wasn’t a priority for us, it wasn’t even on our radar as a potential snare.

A big shift that helped us to make bedtime more fun for both of us was changing our intimacy mindset. Once we started having sex at other times during the day, it took the pressure off of bedtime sex if we got into bed at the same time.

75% of respondents to the ONE Instagram poll said they go to bed at the same time

We bet that those of you who do this have realized the benefits… and if not, you probably don’t know what you’re missing. There are all sorts of excuses for not having a connection time at bedtime — electronics, exhaustion, chores — but we challenge you to not hide behind excuses and try for even 5 minutes of time together.

Want some practical ideas on how to make this fun? Here are just a few of the many ideas we share on the show:

Don’t overlook bedtime as prime time to grow your marriage!


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