“Oral sex can be foreplay, the main course or the dessert!” —Anonymous

Stop talking about it with your friends and start the conversation where it belongs – with your spouse!

There’s no right or wrong, but don’t let stigmas or myths rob you of better intimacy.

Did you know that amongst married couples, 84% of married couples have oral sex at least monthly? 88% of them use it primarily as foreplay and not the main event, and both husbands and wives give and receive oral sex approximately twice per month.

Oral Sex Infographic (PDF Version)

But most people (even those who do it regularly) don’t really know where their spouse stands – because most people aren’t having honest conversations here. This is hurting marriages; whenever we can be intensely vulnerable with our spouse in one way, but are afraid to be honest verbally.

We want to equip you to change that. We know there are hurdles to mutually enjoyable oral sex, and these must be dealt with or else you’ll be stuck in one of two camps: those who don’t do it (and maybe one partner is disappointed) and those who suffer through it (and sex isn’t meant to be a burden)!  

Let’s be real about it — and start the conversation with your spouse today.


We care about the ingredients in the food we eat, and the beauty products we use, why shouldn’t the same be true of our feminine care products and our sexual products as well?

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