“Music can change the world because it can change people.” —Bono


The ONE family totally called us out as we were preparing for this show. As you guys know, we are all about trying again if something doesn’t work great the first time.

Years ago, we had sex with music on and it was a disaster. Alisa found herself distracted by the lyrics and it has been off the table ever since.

Until this past week. We heard about some great benefits of various types of background sounds and how it can enhance your sexual intimacy. The most practical reason is for increased privacy when there are other people in your home. But with many sounds – such as music that you enjoy – the brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that signals pleasure. Over time, your body can anticipate increased sexual pleasure after hearing enjoyable music.

The top types of background noises people have shared with us are: music, a fan, the TV, and sound machines. Now we are still scratching our heads about those of you who like Parks and Rec, but we are looking forward to trying a few different types of music and playlists and seeing how it affects our mood.

However, we also want to acknowledge the credibility of those of you who prefer silence. We know some people like to concentrate purely on your spouse and sounds can be distracting. There’s also great pleasure that can come from being able to hear the sheets rustling and your spouse’s voice.

We tried music this week… and it still wasn’t our favorite, but we will try another genre next time – without lyrics!

  • Custom romantic playlist
  • Spa music
  • Love songs / Kenny G / Other artist
  • Classical music or other instrumental
  • Slow “baby making” music
  • Silence
  • Sound and Sleep Machine

What music could you try the next time you make love?


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3 thoughts on “469: THOSE SWEET BEDROOM SOUNDS

  1. My favorite music during sex with my wife is Enigma. Lisa May enjoy this due to minimalist lyrics.

    BTW, your podcast is really life changing for my wife and I. If I could just get her to do one of the sex challenges that would be awesome. She doesn’t really understand the purpose behind it.

  2. The wife and I lately have occasionally put on music that was big when we first got together as background music during dinner, glasses of wine and making out on the couch. We did turn it off before sex though, since we found it all on youtube and we have no screens or devices in the bedroom 🙂