“The best color in the world is the one that looks good on you.”Coco Chanel

When we first got married, our underwear was nude, white, or black. It was functional and plentiful, but we didn’t give much thought to how to use color to romance our spouse.

We’re so glad that has changed.

Color matters because it can change your confidence. It affects the energy you bring into your bedroom. It can accentuate your body and cause an impact in how your spouse sees you. Each color also carries psychological implications, and you can use it to create different moods.

Don’t miss the opportunity to express yourself in a new way by exploring color in your underwear. Whether you are the husband or the wife, what you wear matters. Wear what looks good on you — in color, size and style!


Rothy’s is the everyday flat for life on the go. It’s stylish, classic, comfortable and comes in four fashionable styles – The Flat, the Point, the Loafer, and The Sneaker for women AND girls.

They truly feel like the most comfortable glove for your feet.

Grab yourself a pair of Rothy’s today and use promo ONE at checkout for free shipping.

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