“Isolation is the enemy of improvement.” —Tony Wagner

Isolation is a powerful weapon that can destroy even the best of projects, people, and relationships. We were not meant to live in isolation because of how damaging the effects can be.

Healthy relationships tie us together with other people who can support, encourage and equip us to grow.

When we are out of intentional community we compare ourselves to the facades that social media, traditional media, and our imagination tell us. We don’t have enough money. We don’t have the right body. Or we aren’t in the right marriage. The list goes on.

ONE Extraordinary Marriage is all about breaking down isolation. We dive into topics as honestly as transparently as we can because the truth is that life is messy and the sooner we can appropriately handle the realities of this sinful world, the sooner real growth can happen. That’s why we talk about miscarriage, sexuality, pornography, trust issues, and communication barriers. It breaks down strongholds and enables people to connect in authentic ways.

As we did a ONE Conference last week we were energized to see the community that was formed and deepened in North Carolina. We can’t wait to bring another one to a city near you.


Hers believes that women should have the opportunity to desire sex just as much as their counterpart.

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