“Nobody is too busy, it’s just a matter of priorities.” —Anonymous

Yes, kids are a blessing. Careers are vital. Hobbies and friendships brighten life. But when we focus on so many of these “good” things at the detriment of our marriage, what could be great becomes mundane and burdensome.

It seems like almost everyone who has been married for any period of time has fallen into the trap — “Roommate Syndrome”.

We each become so occupied with the demands and urgency of daily life that we don’t make time to invest in the marriage we’ve placed on the back burner.

It’s not just a date night we’ve skipped — it’s been months.

It’s not just lackluster sex — it’s a chore.

It’s not just dividing chores on Saturday — they are our roommate.

In this show we dive into how to break the cycle and be the disruption that will keep your marriage from slowly eroding into roommate territory. What’s required to steer clear of this diagnosis? It’s pretty simple: communication, touch, time, attention, and sex.

Just like the doctor who tells you to eat healthy food and exercise — we encourage you to use common sense. Is the “good stuff” in your life worth losing your marriage over?


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