“Marriage is two people in love standing in the same bathroom.” Austin Kleon

It should come as no surprise that the fastest growing room in homes being built in America today is the master bathroom. In fact, the National Association of Home Builders have cited a new “must” for many home buyers: a his and hers master bath.

In what has been an unsightly, yet needed room in each house, couples encounter all kinds of tension surrounding bathroom logistics.

  • Did he leave the toilet seat up?
  • Is there water on the bathroom floor?
  • Why is her hair is all over the place?

It’s not just the big topics that are worth diving into with your spouse — dealing with minor annoyances is important to make sure they don’t become sources for tension and bitterness.

Doesn’t it seem like if your spouse only took the extra 3 seconds to [fill in the blank], it would make all of the difference?

It doesn’t seem like a big deal to do it, but the fact that they don’t (or do it “incorrectly”) drives you bonkers. Our challenge to you is to turn that around on yourself. What has your spouse mentioned they wish you would do differently?

You probably dismissed it, because — like them — you don’t think it’s that important. But what if you each made one change in the bathroom for your spouse?

So while you could go and buy a new home with $40k in upgrades in the master bathroom, you could also just proactively solve a problem. Ask them what habit you could change, and then enjoy the ease of bathroom bliss!

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