“Never go on trips with someone you do not love.” —Ernest Hemingway

What are your expectations for your upcoming vacation? All of us have them. The more you plan, save for, use vacation days, the more attached you are to your expectations. But most people don’t communicate with their spouse.

Maybe you want to splurge on some excursions and make the most of your time away. Maybe you want to spend quality downtime with your spouse reading together. Or maybe you want to be so active you crash each night filled with memories. Perhaps your spouse wants some time away from the kids.

Then vacation starts, and the two of you are marching to your own drumbeat, well-intentioned but unaware of your spouse’s desires.

Enter Grumpy Bear. Don’t get stuck in a downward spiral.

The perfect vacation doesn’t happen when you finally book the right destination and get perfect weather with the right new wardrobe. The perfect vacation happens when you come up with a shared plan with your spouse, and you’ve addressed each other’s top priorities so you know you will each have a good time.

You know what your spouse’s hopes are for your time. You have agreed to the budget. And you know sex will happen. You’ve eliminated the pitfalls and set yourselves up to enjoy a change of pace and your spouse.


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