“Every action that we take impacts the lives of those around us. The question is are YOU aware of YOUR impact?” —Arthur Carmazzi

If you only like to be intimate with your spouse after you’ve had a drink, you’re not alone. But you’re also not opening yourself up to experiencing the extraordinary in your marriage.

We’re not here to condemn or condone the consumption of alcohol. We’ve had seasons in our marriage where alcohol was a significant problem due to over-consumption, and then we pivoted towards abstinence, and now although we do not keep alcohol in our home, will occasionally share a beer.

There are lots of reasons people consume alcohol, and not all of them are bad. But we are hearing from too many couples that it’s a stumbling block in their marriage. Sometimes it’s to numb yourself to a sensitive area. In some cases one partner abuses it and the other enables their alcoholism. Sometimes it’s the easier solution to intimacy. Maybe it takes a tough conversation from a yelling match to a relaxed discussion.

Whatever it may be you need to take an honest look and ask your spouse to take an honest look at your relationship with alcohol. Do you use it as a crutch to deal with hard things or anxiety? Are you and your spouse on the same page about its role in your health? Please have this conversation before you have to choose between your drinking and your marriage.

We want you to let your spouse see you as you truly are. Sober. Normal. Naked. That’s where real intimacy begins. Sleep naked? Yes, please. Have sober sex? YES, PLEASE!

Your spouse deserves better than you doing your marriage impaired.


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