A happy relationship doesn’t happen by accident.

It requires a conscious effort to protect it, endure and evolve together.

Although every marriage is unique to the partners involved, there are some simple principles that all happy couples have in common.

They “look for the good,” Even In Hard Times

As much as we love them, with the stressors of everyday life, it can be challenging sometimes to see the good in your spouse.

It’s EASY to see the things about your partner that drive you crazy… and replay those over and over again in your head.

What if the next time they pushed all your buttons, you challenged yourself to find 2 or 3 things you loved about them too?

In the heat of the moment, THAT’S HARD.

Nothing in this world is more difficult than love (even with a fantastic partner).

But finding the good is always worth it.

And the happiness in your marriage will skyrocket.  

End Every Day On The Same Team

Don’t go to bed angry at your partner do your best to settle the “score” before you go to sleep so the issue does not get carried over to the next day.

Here’s a quick tip to get you and your spouse back on the same team if you feel that you’re ending the day still in a spat:

Extend forgiveness.

Forgiveness is all about your attitude! When you forgive you are able to talk about the issues you face and then move forward.

Communicate As If Your Marriage Depended On It

Did you know that communication problems are often cited as the #1 reason for divorce?

Smart partners put connections on the top of their marriage to-do list.

Focus on small ways to keep your communication going. When was the last time you sent your partner a simple text message that said:

  • Good morning beautiful/handsome. Have an amazing day. I love you.
  • I’m having one of those days that make me realize how lost I’d be without you… Just wanted to let you know. Love you (nickname).
  • Hey, I’m thinking of you… Can’t wait to set my eyes on you again tonight.

Great communication doesn’t have to be complex.

Need to get your communication back on the same page?  

Always Stay “in touch” With Each Other

Happy couples are constantly “in touch” with one another. Whether it is a gentle caress on the face as they pass each other in the kitchen or a playful pat on the backside.

Sometimes it is the simplest things that can really amp up your marriage and physical intimacy:

Hold hands no matter how long you have been together or where you are.

  • Sit close on the couch as you cuddle (instead of being eyeballs deep into your devices).
  • Make it a point to hug each other hello and goodbye.
  • Sleep naked.

Set a personal goal to touch your partner in tiny ways everyday.

Hobbies Are Healthy For Your Marriage

Happy couples have a common ground that keeps them connected that goes beyond the rigors of everyday life.

Find something that you both love to do and then do it together. Having a common interest that you share is a great way to solidify your friendship.

Happy couples are created.

They don’t happen by accident.

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