Recently we began to explore the Fertility Awareness Method (Natural Family Planning) as a way for us to decrease the use of contraception and increase our sexual intimacy.

5 Reasons Why Natural Family Planning

What we have discovered in a few months is that our sex life has not only improved, but has taken on a whole new level of closeness. We achieved this when we actively started monitoring Alisa’s fertility via an app call Period Log.

You may want to track your fertility even further than with an app. If so, check out the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. This has been used by good friends of ours for years and they swear by it.

It’s time to look at other alternatives when it comes to your sexual intimacy. Below Nick and Monica Warren, Certified Natural Family Planning instructors, share the five reasons you should consider using  Natural Family Planning (NFP).

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Natural Family Planning

Reason #1 – It’s 99% Effective

Natural Family Planning is proven to be as effective at avoiding pregnancy as the pill. NFP achieves the high reliability because decisions about whether the woman is fertile are based on actual, current fertility signs.

Like all birth control methods, Natural Family Planning methods are more effective when used correctly.

Unlike hormonal contraceptives, NFP is immediately reversible when the right time comes to have kids. Many couples with fertility challenges also use NFP to improve their chances of conceiving.

Learn more about the scientific studies proving effectiveness.

Reason #2 – Safe

When a couple uses a Natural Family Planning method, they don’t use hormones to change or modify the wife’s hormone cycle so the woman’s normal healthy cycle is not affected.

Couples who use Natural Family Planning simply observe and interpret the natural fertility indicators that result from her normal hormone cycle.

Learn more about your natural fertility indicators.

Reason #3 – No Side Effects

Many couples deal with side effects when they use hormonal contraceptives including weight gain, low libido, or personal dryness. Many hormonal contraceptives also bring higher risks of cancer, blood clots, or risks to future children.

Natural Family Planning methods use no artificial hormones or devices so there are no side effects and no risks to health.

Reason #4 – Doesn’t Cost Anything to Use

Once you learn Natural Family Planning, there are no costs to use it for the rest of your life.

The fact that no one makes a profit when you use Natural Family Planning is the main reason there are no big advertisement campaigns or commercials.

Reason #5 – Improves Your Marriage

Many couples find that learning and using Natural Family Planning together strengthens their marriage. Not only does it open communication and improve sex, it also helps a couple to gain respect and appreciation for each other’s bodies because they cooperate in using the method.

Couples who use Natural Family Planning typically indicate a higher level of intimacy in their marriage and greater satisfaction with their sex life. As a result of their improved marriage, married couples who use Natural Family Planning also have a lower divorce rate.

More and more married couples are selecting a method of Natural Family Planning as their primary birth control because of the benefits it brings to their marriage. Many couples also use Natural Family Planning for religious beliefs.

You can find out more about the most common Natural Family Planning methods by searching the internet or visiting The Couple to Couple League, Billings Ovulation Method, or Creighton Model.

Natural Family Planing InstructorsNick and Monica Warren are Certified Natural Family Planning instructors who teach the Sympto-Thermal Method through the Austin Couple to Couple League. They have three children Alex, Danny, and Paula ages 12, 10, and 8.

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