From pillows and wedges to ramps and cushions, there is plenty of sex furniture available for enhancing your sexual intimacy.


For many, the idea of adding something new to the sexual intimacy routine is a daunting thought.  Many questions may come to mind: What if only one of us enjoys it? How do we keep it hidden from guests or the kids? Is it too bulky to use whenever we want? 

Sex furniture has plenty of benefits and can be a fun way to deepen your sexual intimacy. But if you never try, you’ll never know. 

How Many People Use Sex Furniture?

According to a recent poll of the ONE Family, only 47% of you have tried using these items during sex. That means over half of you are missing out on potential benefits for your 6 Pillars of Intimacy®.

Incorporating sex furniture does more than enhance sexual intimacy. In fact, the conversation you and your spouse have about how, when, and why to try out a new pillow, ramp, or wedge contributes to your emotional intimacy. 

Conversations about sex can be uncomfortable. As a couple, overcome the awkwardness and share your honest feelings about trying new things, especially in your sex life.

As a result, you grow closer together and give yourselves the opportunity to spice things up in the bedroom. 

What Kind of Sex Furniture is Best?

Every couple is different. The type of sex furniture that works best for you will depend on many factors. 

For example, sex furniture comes in many sizes. Some items, such as the Liberator Flip Ramp, can blend into your bedroom as regular furniture. In this case, the Flip Ramp resembles a standard ottoman when folded. Similarly, you can find large items like benches or chairs that are undetectable. 

There are also small cushions and pillows that can be neatly tucked away or slipped under a bed. For example, the Liberator Jaz Motion pillow has a curved side that creates a natural rocking motion and is easy to store or even travel with. 

Other items, like the Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo, are larger and may need special storage in your closet to keep them out of the eyesight of others.

Talking about your options as a couple is a great way to grow your emotional intimacy and pick the items that fit your needs and desires. This conversation can also build anticipation and excitement.


5 Benefits of Sex Furniture

If you’ve never tried using a piece of sex furniture, you’re probably missing out on several benefits you haven’t thought of before. On the other hand, if you tried something and it didn’t seem to work for you, perhaps these benefits will inspire you to give it another chance. 

Keep in mind sex furniture simply enhances what you are already doing. It allows you to try new things and add an element of excitement to your sexual intimacy. 

There is nothing right or wrong about using sex furniture. It is simply another tool in your marriage toolbox! 

1. More Comfort and Support

Some sex positions are less comfortable than others. As a result, you might feel limited in your sexual intimacy because certain positions cause pain or discomfort. 

With comfortable padding and intentionally designed angles, sex furniture is a game changer

Many couples who struggle with chronic back or hip pain report pain-free sex when using sex furniture. In fact, you can reduce or eliminate pain by elevating parts of your body with sex pillows, ramps, or cushions. 

2. New or Improved Positions

For the positions you know and love, sex furniture can take them to a whole new level. Consider the difference it would make to try the missionary position on a wedge or rocking pillow. Or imagine how a ramp or cushion could enhance oral sex.

Sex furniture can also create new opportunities for sitting positions, standing positions, and beyond. 

In addition, sex pillows and wedges can be especially helpful with height differences. Ramps and wedges can bring the two of you closer together—literally!

3. Greater Intensity 

One major benefit of sex furniture is that it can put your body in optimal positions to achieve greater intensity. With parts of your body elevated and supported, you can experience deeper penetration or thrilling new angles. 

In trying new positions, you may find you can make eye contact easier, which contributes to greater emotional and sexual intensity. 

4. Reignite Passion and Romance

Do you remember the butterflies of the early days of marriage? Choosing to step outside your comfort zone and try something new for sex can bring those butterflies back. 

You can use sex furniture to enhance romance, initiation, foreplay, and intercourse. It provides a new way to express love and desire between you two.

And by strengthening your Sexual Intimacy Pillar, you reinforce an essential part of your marriage’s foundation. 

5. Get Out of a Sex Rut

You don’t have to use sex furniture every time you and your spouse have sex. In fact, many couples use it periodically just to help spice things up. 

So if you want to try it but are worried you won’t use it all the time, fear not. You can incorporate these items as much or as little as you want.

Rather than becoming a regular part of your sexual intimacy, sex furniture can be a tool to enhance what you’re already doing. It may help you jumpstart sex if you’ve fallen into Roommate Syndrome or your marriage has become sexless

Having these products, trying them together, and using them to keep things exciting is a great way to maintain sexual intimacy. 

What to Consider When Trying New Things for Sex

As always, with sexual intimacy, only go as far as the most conservative spouse wants. A sex pillow, wedge, ramp, or cushion enhances the experience for sex positions you already use, so even a conservative spouse may feel comfortable trying it. 

But if one of you is resistant to using sex furniture, talk about why. Use this as an opportunity to strengthen your emotional intimacy.

And be patient if you don’t feel you’ve figured it out right away. Using new items for sex can be tricky. Give yourselves time to work out the methods that are best for you.

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