Here is how it usually goes.

Magnet, in the shape of a parrot you got on your recent tropical vacation, pins your kids artwork to the fridge.

Artwork gets held to fridge until the door is opened and closed.

This fine piece of artwork slides down the fridge.

It gets picked back up.

Parrot gets repositioned.

The artwork slides down the fridge again.

You pick it back up as you reposition it.

You get the Parrot some help from it’s friend the Statue of Liberty. The one you picked up while you were visiting New York.

Now your kids artwork only slides down the fridge a little.

Once again you pick the artwork back up.

Parrot and Lady Liberty recruit Red Circle.

Now your kids artwork becomes immovable except for when in the middle of the night you are sloppily looking for a snack, paper blows off the door as you rip it open, magnets clatter to the ground, and wake the dog and the whole house.

The point is this…

The more points of magnetism there are, the more connected two things will be.

Your marriage is no different!

Five magnets will keep that heavy paper stuck to its intended place through all manner of changes.

One would barely keep it steady through the slightest move.

The connection to your spouse is much the same way.

You have five senses that you can use to connect with your partner. The thing is are you using one or all five?

If you are not using all five, you may be like that fine piece of artwork being held with only one or two magnets.

Use Your Two Ears for Hearing

The saying is that you have two ears and one mouth. Listen twice as much as you speak.

Husbands get accused of violating this one the most and yet it’s advice that is equally applicable to both partners.

When your partner knows you are listening, and then beyond that, knows you HEARD what they were saying. Your marriage is primed for steadiness.

See the World Through Your Spouse’s Eyes

Seeing goes far beyond what we can take in with our eyes. Think about seeing the world through the same lens your spouse sees it through.

When’s the last time you saw you like she see’s you? What would he see if he looked at your problems?

Good communication and trust comes from being able to see it from the other person’s perspective.

You would repair your eyesight the first chance you could if it became damaged. How you see your spouse is no different!

Physical Touch is an Important Area of Connection

It is no wonder that one of the top 5 Love Languages is “Physical Touch”.

People need other people and they need affectionate contact.

How you touch your spouse is different to how you would touch anyone else.

This doesn’t just have to be sexual either (even though it is fun when it is). 😉

Get creative in the way you touch each other.

Engage Your Sense of Smell

Nothing can be more alluring than catching a whiff of your partner at their best.

Nothing can be more of a turn off than being downwind of them when they’re not.

Beyond upkeep of personal hygiene, creating certain smells around your marriage is a great idea.

There is no other sense that captures the emotions like this one. Use that to your advantage.

Grab a scented candle, essential oils or your favorite perfume to set the mood.

Taste the Good Life

This goes far beyond the food you eat together (although that can be a huge part of it).

What flavors define your marriage? Is there a spice that can help you spice it up?

Dive in as you get to know your partner’s palette, and realize that this sense can set up so many meaningful and romantic experiences between the two of you.

These 11 amazing foods may be just what you’ve been needing.

Take time to go through these with your spouse as you share what sense(s) you are using and which ones you need to bring to your marriage.

At any time if you find yourself slipping in any of these senses, go ahead and get that magnetism back in action.

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