Stop Those Thoughts That Are Keeping Your From Making Love Like You Desire

“For women, the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears. He who looks for it below there is wasting his time.” ―Isabel Allende

5 Steps to Rekindle the Sexual Intimacy In Your Marriage

When it comes to getting the passion and romance back in your bedroom there should be more time spent on where you are mentally than physically. What you tell yourself as well as what is said to you is vital to amazing sex with your spouse.

Physically you can be healthy and yet if you cannot overcome the mental chatter that is holding you back you will not be able to experience the sex you desire.

We get it! We have been there in the past. Physically there was nothing wrong, but the mental blocks, such as “Good girls don’t initiate sex”, “I’m not fit”, “We can’t try that”, and other thoughts stopped us from enjoying the pleasure that sexual intimacy brings to us and our marriage.

You may experience similar thoughts or different ones. The end result is that these thoughts are stopping you from making love like you desire.

5 Steps to Rekindle the Sexual Intimacy In Your Marriage

Get the Conversation Started to Express Your Sexual Desires

One of the biggest roadblocks we hear from a lot of couples is that they don’t know what they would like. Nor do they know what their spouse would like when it comes to physical intimacy. Ask & answer these 19 Questions with your spouse to learn what each of you need in your marriage.

View Sex Not as a Weapon, but as a Gift

Sex is something beautiful that you have been blessed to give and receive with your spouse. When it is used to punish, withhold, and/or manipulate your spouse you are squelching the passion.

Create a Lifestyle Where Initiating Sex Happens Naturally

In your daily life there are many activities you do that happen because it’s what you do. When you schedule sex you create an environment where each of you get the opportunity to romance one another.

Stay Motivated to Reach a Deeper Level of Commitment

Focus each day on the good thing(s) that your spouse is doing. It’s very easy to look at the flaws and yet when you look at the positives you will be shifting your mind to the joy you experience.

Say “NO” so You Can Say “YES”

When you have to much on your plate life can feel overwhelming. Not to mention having the time to enjoy sex with your spouse dwindles. It may be time to say “No” to extra activities so you can say “Yes” to your spouse.

Life boils down to…who you say yes to and what you say no to so make sure to focus on your marriage instead of your obligations.

You long for a deeper level of sexual intimacy. Intimate moments where both of you are fully engaged on each other and not listening to the chatter in your head. Intimacy Reignited was created to help you and your marriage as you create a lifestyle that encourages more and better sex.

Rekindle the sexual intimacy in your marriage starting today!

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  1. Key word in there is “desire.” if there is no interest in having any kind of sex life. Then there is nothing more you cab do until that changes. Kind if like an addict, until they admit the have a problem….