As humans, we are designed for touch. You and your spouse likely have your go-to ways of touching each other—long hugs, forehead kisses, interlocking your fingers, or whatever touches are meaningful to you. And yet, there are always new touches you can explore that might bring more pleasure and connection! That’s where massage cream comes in. 


Massage cream adds an element of ambiance and adventure to your physical or sexual intimacy. You can experience new sensations, discover new touches or techniques that feel good to you both, and set the scene for deeper intimacy as a couple. 

Below, you’ll find five great reasons to give massage cream a try. Plus, get our recommendations at the end! 

1. Boost Your Physical Intimacy

Touch is a simple but crucial element of your marriage. 

For too long, people have blurred the lines between physical intimacy and sexual intimacy. As a result, many couples assume all touch leads to sex, and they miss out on the powerful benefits of non-sexual touch. 

Physical intimacy is the closeness and connection you create through loving, non-sexual touches. It’s a way to give your spouse the gift of your time and attention. 

When you add in a high-quality massage cream, you can elevate that experience even more. You can make your spouse’s skin feel buttery soft and fill the room with a subtle, relaxing scent.

Try giving your spouse a relaxing foot massage after a long day or a gentle hand massage while watching TV. These small gestures strengthen your physical intimacy and make you feel more connected. 

2. Enhance Full Body Massages

If you have never given your spouse a full body massage, you might be missing out on a major form of connection! 

Massages are a wonderful way to relax and unwind together. Incorporating intimate massage cream into your routine can transform a simple massage into a luxurious experience. The cream’s smooth texture and pleasant aroma create a calming environment, allowing both of you to decompress.

Massages help release physical tension and strengthen your emotional and physical intimacy, which ultimately strengthens your marriage.

3. Add Something New to Your Sexual Intimacy

Massage cream is great for relaxation and physical intimacy, but it can also enhance your sex life! 

Intimate massage creams like Evree reduce friction during foreplay and are safe to use in all your sensitive areas. 

Its silky texture leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Plus, Evree is made with 100% natural flavors, so it’s edible, smells incredible, and brings a playful component to your sexual intimacy. 

4. De-stress and Relax Together

Life is hectic. Instead of just talking about bills, kids, and work at the end of a long day—or worse, sitting on opposite ends of the couch all night—do something together that helps you feel calm and relaxed. 

The act of massaging and being massaged promotes relaxation and can reduce stress and anxiety. Find a massage cream that feels light and airy on your skin while creating a peaceful aroma around you. 

When both of you are relaxed, it’s easier to connect deeply and enjoy each other’s company. Plus, odds are conflict won’t arise if you both feel at ease. 

5. Rediscover Each Other’s Bodies

Over time, it’s easy to fall into a routine and take each other for granted. Trying something new, like an intimate massage cream, can help you rediscover each other. 

Adding a delicious scent to your physical or sexual intimacy can reignite a spark between the two of you. Exploring each other’s bodies through touch and massage allows you to connect on a deeper level and discover touches that make you feel loved and appreciated

Try out a massage cream today and create a new, soothing routine that strengthens your marriage, reduces stress, and keeps your relationship feeling fresh and exciting. 

Our Favorite Massage Creams

Intimate massage cream is a tool you can add to your marriage toolbox to enhance multiple Pillars of Intimacy®—emotional, physical, sexual, and more.

Our favorite intimate massage cream that is safe to use in all areas of your body is the Evree Intimate Massage Cream

evree massage cream coconutlime_hand

Evree is made of only the finest ingredients, formulated into a luxurious intimate massage cream that melts with the warmth of your body and turns into a long-lasting massage oil with lubricating properties. 

Use Evree Intimate Massage Cream in any way you touch your spouse—from relaxing massages to sensual encounters. It is edible and smells amazing, too.

It’s time you experienced a more playful and pleasurable sex life! With two flavor options, you can pick up a jar with your favorite scent or get one of each.

For more lubes and oils, check our Amazon page. 

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