You’re finally getting out on a date night with your spouse.

It’s been months since the two of you have been able to get one in and yet this weekend you are getting away.

Just the two of you at your favorite restaurant as you love on each other.

Both of you are anticipating this time together where you can connect emotionally, spiritually, and maybe even sexually afterwards.

There are no kids asking “why”, electronics distracting your attention, or petty arguments.

Either of you could still ruin date night if you don’t take these 5 ways to heart.

5 Ways to Ruin Date Night

1. Bad Table Manners. Your spouse will appreciate you if you take the finner points of table manners and put them into action. Place a napkin on your lap, chew with your mouth closed, doesn’t talk with a mouth full of food, only uses your fingers when it is actually finger foods. This is not rocket science folks!

2. Twirl your mustache, chew on your soul patch, finger comb your goatee. These are not things that should ever be done at the table! By all means, wipe food off your face with your napkin, but save the grooming for another time.

3. Text, E-Mail or taking personal calls on a date (even when it is with your spouse). Nothing says “you don’t really matter enough to give my undivided attention” like any one of these. Unless it is an emergency, turn the smartphone off. If you must take or make a call, please excuse yourself from the table and hurry back when you are done. Do you really want to leave your spouse unaccompanied on a date?

4. Rearrange your junk in public. This is another no brainer…go to the restroom to get yourself together.

5. Showing up for a date under dressed. If your spouse takes the time to look fabulous for you, have the courtesy to do the same for them. This goes both ways folks. Taking that extra few minutes to dress it up goes a long way with your spouse.

Our spouses see the best and worst of us each and everyday. It takes genuine effort on each person’s part to make the other person feel valued and cherished. Showing some basic manners on your next date will have a positive impact guaranteed!

Which manners do you expect during date night?

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