“A hug is like a boomerang, you get it back right away.” —Bil Keane

It’s time to celebrate! 

As we celebrate the 500th episode of the ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show, we know that we’ve all grown as individuals, as couples and as a family. The journey has been incredible, transforming, and filled with so many emotions. From the beginning there have been so many amazing breakthroughs for those of you in the ONE family. 

When the ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show started almost 10 years ago we didn’t know that so many people needed to see that they weren’t the only ones dealing with issues in their marriage.

We didn’t know that there were so many people that wanted to hear genuine and authentic voices that were having similar challenges.

We didn’t know that others needed to know that it’s OK for married people to talk about sex.

The journey that we began as a couple is now the ONE family that crosses continents and oceans. 

We do need one another. We need community. We need to do life with other people who support our marriage and encourage us. It’s why we now have the ONE Conference! We love getting the emails, DMs, text messages or voice messages, but there is truly something special when we get to see you and be with you.

Just as much as you need your spouse, you also need a place that will challenge you, a place where you can ask those tough questions, and a place that will nudge you to be intentional with your marriage and your spouse. 

The ONE family has done this for us and for tens of thousands of couples. Together we have a tribe that is willing to be open, honest and transparent with one another. We have a place where we can share our marriage with you and you can share your journey with us. 

We’re truly honored and blessed to have you part of the ONE family.

Love you guys.


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