Recently we posted a picture on Facebook and the response was amazing (30,900+ shares). As we read over that picture it hit us that your husband is special in his own way to you.

51 Amazing Things Your Husband Does That You May Not Notice Anymore

So, we decided to ask you to finish this sentence:

My husband has…

We received a ton of responses via email, Twitter, and Facebook and were touched with so many of the responses. We have to say that your husband is an awesome guy! After sifting through all the duplicates these are your unedited responses.

Which of these resonate with who your husband is in your marriage?

  1. An awesome wife!
  2. Integrity.
  3. Drive.
  4. Arms that I could lay in forever.
  5. A great sense of humor and keeps me laughing all the time!
  6. All the attributes I lack. We complement each other so well, kind of like acute and obtuse angles. 😉
  7. My husband has amazing patience, a love for Jesus, a heart for his kids (one not biologically his), arms that make me feel safe and a desire for me that makes me feel beautiful!
  8. A heart for Jesus.
  9. Wisdom beyond his years and a heart of forgiveness.
  10. So much passion, empathy, and compassion, all the traits I admire about him and need more of that’s why I love him so much.
  11. A gentle spirit.
  12. Integrity at any cost, incredible love and patience, and immovable faithfulness to God and me.
  13. Drive needed to attain his dreams. And therefore the ability to inspire other myself included.
  14. The best smile and the warmest hands ever! Both always come in handy!
  15. A willingness to become a better man.
  16. Loved me through many trials!
  17. An endless amount of patience for me and my control issues.
  18. The best servant attitude I know.
  19. My safe harbor in a storm.
  20. My heart!
  21. The biggest most manly hands ever put on a man.They make me feel safe.
  22. The best laugh.
  23. Extraordinary kindness…lucky to have him! 🙂
  24. A HUGE heart.
  25. An amazing ability to love me. The good, the bad and the ugly – all of me.
  26. Wisdom!
  27. Is an awesome helper. 🙂
  28. A caring mindset for others.
  29. Helped with the laundry, supported me in my work, and is a grampa and a father.
  30. The best sense of humor.
  31. Patience enough for the both of us!!!
  32. Loved me without stifling me. My husband has allowed me to be the best I can be.
  33. A wonderful commitment and dedication to me.
  34. Exceptional skills!
  35. Demonstrated the patience to love me day in and day out over 25 years as I ramble on in his ear over and over about the same topics, never trying to “fix” me but simply listening and loving.
  36. Way of giving me love in a way I’ve never experienced! It shadows the love God has for me! It’s such a beautiful thing!
  37. Wonderfully provided for me and our children.  He works so very hard to provide for us.  He makes sure we are all healthy.  He buys healthy groceries and cooks the meals.  He does so very much for us.
  38. My husband has so much peace to share with us. He has an amazing heart.
  39. A huge heart for animals- we have never bought a dog- he is always taking one in.
  40. Prayed with me and for me.
  41. A beautiful smile.
  42. A fun and silly side to him that puts a smile on my face.
  43. The most beautiful and expressive eyes and a great sense of humor!
  44. The sweetest smile. 🙂
  45. A way of holding me that makes all the troubles and cares in my word disappear. I love that feeling.
  46. The best hands, they hold my hands and make beautiful music on his guitar. 🙂
  47. A generous spirit!
  48. The kindest heart that radiates through to his eyes when he looks at me. 🙂
  49. A truly giving heart.
  50. A great sense of humor.
  51. Been Jesus to me.

How amazing are each of these?

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Now it’s your turn to add to the list. Fill in the blank:
My husband has ______________ in the comments below.

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