“A change of scenery can help everything.” Drew Pomeranz

Although there are several rooms in your home, most people tend to use certain rooms for certain things. The idea of having sex someplace other than the bedroom might be out of the norm for you. 

What would happen if you decided to change things up?

Although sex is many times considered a bedroom only activity, a poll of the ONE family showed that 68% of you do have sex outside your bedroom. So you’re exploring your adventurous side and using all areas of your home to be intimate. 

Here are a couple of things you might want to think about the next time that you are looking to spice things up.

Our poll showed that the #1 place where couples in the ONE family are having sex outside of their bedroom is the KITCHEN. Think the kitchen table, island, counter top.

Other popular places were the in the backyard, including the back deck, and the porch.

The living room couch was also popular but the stairs, hallway and laundry room could also be a great adventure. One couple shared this, “We christened every room when we moved into our new house”. That’s even further proof that there’s no place in your home that you can’t have sex in. 

Before venturing out consider: 

  • When are others at home?
  • What is your clean up routine?
  • Where do you keep your lube or other items?

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Remember that all of these concerns are easily managed if you work together. 

Imagine what trying something outside of the box could do for your sex life! 

If you want to give it a try, consider sex in the shower (it’s still in the bedroom) for your first adventure. Clean up is easy and you can easily lock the door. 

No matter what room you are initiating in, being prepared will always help you both feel more comfortable knowing you have everything you need. 

Sex between a husband and wife is a journey, it’s not a destination. It does involve building trust and a commitment to work together to find success.

When you choose to create an environment in your marriage where you trust each other, then you’ll find that a little adventure goes a long way when it comes to sexual intimacy.

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