“Getting older is an adventure not a problem.” Betty Friedan

Many look at getting older as a problem. They do everything to avoid getting older. The truth is that getting older is an adventure, not a problem.

Most see the golden years as a season full of endings, but in reality, every end also starts a new beginning.

Changing your mindset about the golden years is a great place to start and here’s why:

  • You have more time together.
  • It a perfect time to travel or go an adventure.
  • You have more time alone with your spouse, with fewer distractions.
  • The focus can be on you and your spouse.

For you it may even be envisioning this period as a second honeymoon!

But there are some real concerns with the golden years not being quite so golden because of factors that you’ve never thought of. 

It’s normal to have concerns about the future. What is not okay is to get stuck in the what-ifs of life. You need to choose to be a couple that takes action! Create a strategy and plan for what you will do as a couple if these things come up. You have to take action, cultivate, and embrace solutions.

Find ways to make the golden years work for you. This might include exercising more, making other lifestyle changes, or embracing a new hobby. 

You can choose to be old and bored with no interests, or you can choose to be active and cultivate interests. Just know that no one can do this for you. You must make that decision for yourself. 

When it comes to changes in sexual intimacy, you have control over that area too! It will happen but how you choose to step into this is the difference between extraordinary couples and those that sit around and get old. 

You CAN have sex into your 80’s. Maybe you need lube, wedges or other items to make it happen and yet you can get those things and learn how to use them.

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No rule says that couples HAVE to stop have sex because they are “old.” 

Mindset is so powerful. When getting older, it’s common to feel like change isn’t something you have time or energy for and yet it goes much deeper than that. 

This is such a fantastic time in your life. You have to decide to take it.

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