“One difficult conversation is better than a bunch of conversations that avoid the truth.” Anonymous

As you continue to walk your faith, it’s important to begin talking about beliefs around your spiritual intimacy as a couple. 

No matter what your faith journey is or has been from this point, there can be struggles around faith beliefs as you experience life and marriage through the years. 

Why does this happen in a marriage?

It’s simple, the two of you are two different individuals. You see and experience the world differently. You can have the same knowledge and yet because of your personal experiences, you perceive the same situation in a completely different way.

It’s not right or wrong, it’s how marriage and relationships work. It’s also how you learn to grow together. It requires both communication and comfort in being vulnerable with each other

There are many beliefs to address in the spiritual intimacy of your marriage and yet these are the most common struggles: prayer or praying together, serving, giving. 

You may have been told to pray together as husband and wife for example. But if you have never learned to pray as an individual, you may not be able to visualize how to do that with your spouse. There’s nothing wrong with never having had that experience. But being open to learning is where you will feel a depth in intimacy between you begin.

When you have to listen to someone pray about the burdens they feel, you start to understand your spouse on a whole new level. You may also find that the act of opening your mouth and speaking your prayers to God in the presence of your spouse is more intimate of an act than sex.   

For some of you, it may seem like there are a lot of “rules and regulations” to follow when it comes to faith. Every church, every denomination, every religion has its own guiding views but if you can move past that “have to” and into “want to” you’ll begin to embrace your faith in a way that works for you. It’s the connection to your Heavenly Father and each other that is important

Spiritual intimacy is just as important as the other intimacies you experience in life. It also has the potential to be one of the most intimate things you experience.


When you share what you believe about faith and why you believe that you’ll find this is one of the most vulnerable actions that two human beings can engage in.

This becomes a deeper way to experience emotional intimacy and vulnerability. You should also remember: 

  • Will you always agree, maybe not.
  • Will you have opportunities to encourage one another, yes.
  • Are there going to be tough conversations, yes.

However, you can create opportunities to focus on your spiritual intimacy. It’s another area of your marriage that takes practice and intentionality. When conversations around faith come up don’t ignore or avoid them.

Schedule a time to talk about it as a couple. Press into the marriage and remember that growing together is a skill and a journey.

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