“You’ve upgraded your technology but you’ve not upgraded yourself.” —Eric Thomas

It seems everyone these days is looking for an upgrade. From iPhones to cars, everyday we are presented with messages that tell us there is something better. 

This is because we live in an upgrade society.

We are constantly told that we need something more shiny, more fancy and more amazing. Nothing ever seems good enough. Get a better computer. Get a newer television.

Is it any wonder that this same mindset is taking root in marriages too?

Maybe, you’ve heard yourself saying: 

  • My husband doesn’t treat me like he used to.
  • My wife has let herself go.
  • We just don’t have anything in common anymore. 
  • We’re just not compatible. 

Then your mind goes to a place of “must be time for an upgrade.”

You’re marriage does not need an upgrade. 

It’s all about how you show up and create a different environment for the two of you.

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Stop and think for a moment how things would be different if you instead upgraded your attitude instead of thinking your spouse is the issue? Remember your actions convey so many things to your spouse. Changing those, could have a huge impact on your marriage. 

Sometimes you may forget that your actions should be focused on being helpful instead of hostile if we want to build a relationship. Complaining is easy. Finding the positive is harder but completely worth the effort. 

Have you ever tried loving more and lashing out less? When you come from a place of love, you can create real change. That’s because when you do that, the internal circumstances are changed for the better.

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