“The best gift you could ever give someone is your time because you are giving them something you can never get back.” Anonymous

Time spent together looks different for every couple. What you consider time together might look very different from your other “couple” friends. What they love doing, you may not.  

It doesn’t matter if your love language is or isn’t quality time. Spending time together is part of a healthy marriage. In fact, it’s one of the key ingredients in an extraordinary marriage. 

You know that you need to spend time together but you can find yourselves making comments like:

  • I’m just so busy.
  • Can you give me a few minutes to get this done?
  • I’m too tired.
  • There’s too much on my plate right now.

How can you plan for happily ever after if you don’t spend time together? If you want to go the distance, you must spend time getting to know the person you married.

You are both growing and changing. Since getting married you’ve had life experiences as a couple and individually. Those experiences have impacted both of you.

The person you married is not the same person you are married to now.

If you don’t spend time with your spouse now, you will find at some point in the future that you don’t know who they are. You’ll become strangers just going through the motions.

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To avoid this, you need to identify the biggest obstacle to spending time together. Then you need to dream of your time together and what that looks like. It could be travel, having sex, or sipping coffee while taking a walk. It’s your dream, make it happen!

You’ve got to pick your dream, define the obstacles, and team up to problem solve how to get there. No excuses.

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