“Leave the past behind it’s time to move on to bigger and better things.” —Anonymous

Tomorrow starts a new year, and a new decade. There is so much focus on new beginnings and yet…

You may have unfinished business. You may have hurts and disappointments lingering from this past year that you need to let go of. Or other things that you don’t want to see in the next year.

From a diagnosis that rocked your world to mistakes that you have made. They may be there, hanging out.  

Did you know that if you don’t resolve the “stuff” from this year you’re not starting fresh at all? You’re just carrying it forward. Packing it into a big old bag and moving it into the next year with you. 

It’s possible you’ve been carrying around baggage that you picked up 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years ago. You may have also picked up a few unwanted things this year to add to your baggage. 

It doesn’t matter what you are carrying around with you. It also does not matter how long you have been carrying it. What matters is what you decide to do with it this year. 

You need to leave it behind and take back the power it has had on you.

Take a stand. State what you are choosing to leave behind. Then get intentional about what you are going to create in your future and go forward. 

This means you may be leaving behind things like:

  • Infidelity
  • A bad diagnosis
  • Sexlessness
  • A horrible work situation
  • Pornography addiction (and the hurt that comes with it) 
  • Bad financial habits
  • Anger
  • Poor communication
  • Resentment
  • Having a mortgage

Grab a pen and paper and write it out.  It will make the decision to “leave it behind” real when you do this. 

Write out your feelings. Then write out what you’ve tried (even if it did not work). Lastly write out all those things that you wish you could say or wish you could do. All of it. 

Give yourself permission to be raw and real. You may have individual lists and a list for your marriage because let’s face it, we all have our own stuff to work on.

Now, shred it. Burn it. Rip it into tiny pieces. Flush it. 

You don’t need to carry those things into your future. Release it all and watch what happens when you make this choice. 

The moment you take back the power that the baggage has had on you, you’ll be making the choice to create your future instead of reacting to the past. What are you waiting for? Do it now!

2020 is going to be an amazing year for you.

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