“I no longer believe in New Year’s Resolutions. I believe in daily resolutions.” —Anonymous

Seeing a resolution to reality can be tricky. Depending on what you’ve chosen, there may be many challenges associated with a resolution. Part of the problem for many is that they make a resolution but don’t create a plan to see their commitment to success. 

Goals need steps, they need a vision. If not, how can you expect to tackle them?

Here’s a great example: You can resolve to have a great sex life or more sex but without a plan like the Intimacy Lifestyle, sheer will power isn’t going to make it happen.

So if you are saying things like “I wish we could spend more time together” or “I wish we had more romance” then you may need to evaluate how you are coming at your resolutions. 

If you don’t create a plan, and instead wish, then you’ll be burdened with doubt. You’ll also begin making excuses for your choices or lack of success.

If you have found yourself stuck in this cycle then you need to take action and make a change now. When you really know what you want then you can figure out what’s keeping you from success!

Don’t be afraid to ask your spouse how they define something, you might be surprised by their answers and it might change everything.

This alone can help you not only communicate better with each other but it may also help you understand that you might be an obstacle that needs a little work. 

Ultimately your game plan will involve intentionality and tracking. You have to take action to make your resolution more than just words.  Make it happen, come up with a game plan that both you and your spouse use.

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