“Life can change in an instant, don’t take anyone or anything for granted.” —Anonymous

No marriage is perfect. 

You have challenges just like everyone else. What we often forget is that life truly is short and we cannot take it for granted.

It is the complacency in your life that will rob you of the extraordinary. Even worse, its complacency that seems to happen without much warning. Before you know it, you’re there. You’re stuck in a rut.  

As individuals, we are lulled into this sense of security that we have all the time in the world. You may see this in how you put things off in your own life or take what your spouse does for granted. 

You may feel like you have all the time to: 

  • Make things right.
  • Make date nights happen.
  • Say yes to sex.
  • Talk to one another.
  • Fix what’s been broken
  • And yet do we really…

But then we read about a tragedy. Something horrible that has happened to a family or we see the aftermath of something “no one imagined would happen” and we remember tomorrow is not promised. Tomorrow, like your spouse is a gift. 

That’s why it is important to remember that every day you get with your spouse is important. Remember you are blessed to be married to them. 

Even if things are tough right now, that does not mean you cannot change them. 

When you are reminded how precious life is, you need to take action and make a change. Never wait for tomorrow or next week or next year. Reflect on what areas you need to work on now and speak about them openly with your spouse

If not, regret could be in your future. You do not want to live with regret. 

It’s in times of tragedy that you are presented a sad reminder to take action in your own life before that’s not an option. If you don’t know where to start, just begin by saying “I love you” to your spouse more often. They can’t hear that enough and neither can you!

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