“I truly don’t mind my husband playing video games. It’s when he makes them a priority over me that I have a problem.” —Anonymous

video games

These days, video games are everywhere. More people than ever are playing them. Recent research has shown that children as young as two are playing digital games. 

Video games are not only a form of entertainment but can also be a form of stress relief and yes, even a distraction from day to day responsibilities.

You can play them on your phone, your computer, gaming consoles, and your Smart TV. They are everywhere. 

The problem is there are marriages where video games are creating issues. In many cases, it’s not the issue that someone is playing video games, it’s how much time they are spending playing them. 

Video games can become a slippery slope. You think you’ll play for just a little bit. Then a little bit becomes hours. Next thing you know you’ve gotten wrapped up in the game and you forget whatever it is your spouse wanted you to do, or asked you to do. It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re focused on what’s going on in your game. 

If there is something that is taking you away from creating a connection in your marriage, it is time to evaluate the impact of that activity. It may be time to reassess the impact of gaming on your life and your marriage. You may find that video games are consuming more hours of your day than you realize. 

So how do you know if this is an issue? 

It’s time to be truthful with yourself and do a time audit of your week. How many hours a day/a week are you spending on games? Realizing your time spent gaming may give you some perspective. Set a stopwatch to track your time; be honest with yourself and your marriage on the time spent playing.

If video games have become a distraction in your marriage, it’s time to evaluate why that is. Video games are not always a sign of a deeper problem, yet they can be. 

Recognizing those distractions and how they impact you is the best way to know if you may need to make a change. If you want a marriage that is extraordinary, then you have to prioritize your marriage above the video games.

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