“Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space. Invite one to stay.” —Maya Angelou


There are many places in the world right now that are being impacted by COVID-19 (Coronavirus). It’s creating a lot of change for everyone. 

Businesses are shut down for the interim. Kids are all now home schooled. Supplies are low or non existent so you don’t have what you feel you need. It feels as if the normal routines you’ve come to rely on are gone.

Your marriage is being impacted by this turn of events even if you have not realized it. It’s important that we rise and become aware of what we can do at this moment to not lose sight of our dreams. You can become stronger as a couple as you navigate this together. 

This is the most unprecedented time we’ve seen in our history. We have also never heard more opinions and had so much information thrust at us. Inconveniences have skyrocketed and we are all trying to create a new “normal” for our marriages, families, and selves.

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How you take that information in and allow it to live with you is what you need to look at in this moment in time. The coronavirus will not always be a disruption to our lives. 

Most find that structure brings peace and reduces much of our stress because people naturally feel more empowered with consistency. Creating a schedule for you, your family, and your marriage is important right now. 

You need to start by shifting your mindset and embracing the idea that this time together will bring you all closer. For most, there really is no “busy” anymore. 

You finally have the time to read, sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee together, play board games in your bedroom, and even just rest. There is time to talk, cuddle, sit together, and laugh. 

Just because you may feel that these are uncertain times, does not mean you can stop being intentional with your thoughts and actions. You have the power to create intentional moments which will help to weather this season.

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