“As you move outside of your comfort zone what was once unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.” —Robin Sharma

new normal

As of March 2020, most of the United States is under some sort of stay-at-home or shelter-in-place order. Across the globe, we have all found ourselves in the same situation. 

The speed at which orders to stay at home and fears have spread may have you feeling uneasy. You may also feel a series of other emotions like frustration, confusion, fear, and disconnection. 

It’s hard to believe what’s happening.  It’s hard to accept this as a new temporary reality for everyday life. We as a world, have a new normal.

Humans, however, are not known for their acceptance of rapid change. We, by nature, are creatures of habit. Routines are comforting. Freedom to do what we want feels empowering. We like that everything is “as it should be.” 

Not having our routines can leave us feeling out of sorts and untethered.

When you are forced to step out of your place in the collective comfort zone, it’s frightening. It can also quickly become frustrating. 

But it’s not a time to emotionally retreat into those feelings. You need to become solution-centered instead of problem-centered.

Is it always easy? NO.

Will it take both of you to get through this? YES.

The most important thing to know is the sooner the two of you get on the same team when it comes to what’s happening, the sooner you’ll get the confidence you need to face your new normal together. 

So give yourself permission to grieve the loss of your old normal.Then, make a plan to move on. 

Identify what you can control in this place right now. 

You can rally together to bring your family to a place that’s spiritual, organized, and purposeful during this time. 

There is such a great opportunity to enrich your life through music, church, online learning, podcasts, and even just spending time as a family right now. 

  • Play games and watch movies together.
  • Be silly.
  • Make meals together.
  • Spring clean the house.

Take these times to discuss where you are and how you can adapt or make peace with them. 

Sure, date night will look different, and yet you can still have fun with these date at home ideas.

Although thrust upon us, this season will be a period of time marked by great innovations. It will lead to unprecedented creativity.

It will also create a wave of marriages and families that are stronger than ever.

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