“Sleeping naked is good, to sleep naked with you is the best.” —Anonymous

sleep naked

Have you ever slept naked? Yep, we are talking no clothes.

If you have never explored this as an option, or if you’ve done it in the past and have forgotten how much you loved it, you may want to consider it now. 

It’s time to take your clothes off and enjoy the benefits of sleeping naked:

  • From a health standpoint, if you aren’t all covered up your metabolism gets a boost in helping you to maintain your body temp while you sleep.
  • It also allows you to air out your genitals, which can lead to reducing yeast or bacterial overgrowth, which left unchecked, can lead to discomfort and infection.
  • When your body temperature is lower, you have a tendency to sleep better and better sleep can lead to reduced stress levels.
  • And skin to skin contact is so important EVEN IF you aren’t conscious when it’s happening.

Sleeping naked can have some challenges you may need to address for yourself. Will it be comfortable sleeping naked next to your spouse? What happens if the kids try to come into the room? How about if there is an emergency that needs our attention?

These are all legitimate concerns.

You may need to start slowly to get comfortable, or it may be a seasonal occurrence due to the temperature. 

As with all things that take you out of your comfort zone, until you’ve given yourself some time to try it, you’re not truly going to know if it’s for you. You may also need to try it more than once before you begin to like it.

You don’t have to sleep naked ALL the time. Even doing it occasionally can allow you to embrace all the benefits!

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