“We cannot accomplish all that we need to without working together.” —Bill Richardson

work dynamics

You’ve been navigating your best through what is becoming your “new normal.” 

Dealing with this pandemic as either an introvert or an extrovert more than likely has had its challenges. 

Since no one was prepared for a global pandemic of this nature, you’ll probably agree that the work dynamics you face is a challenge. It’s one that is different for every couple. 

  • If both of you are essential workers and have kids, you may be juggling what their care looks while you’re working/sleeping.
  • Couples challenged with one working from home, while the other has to leave is a whole new challenge to embrace. 
  • Or both of you are now working from home and have picked up the responsibilities as a teacher. 

In each of these scenarios, you are dealing with the added stresses of exposure to the virus and how to address that at home.

When it comes to both of you working from home because you’ve been furloughed, your life has become a series of obstacles you’ve had to manage quickly.

For the first time in what we can ever remember, whole sectors of the workforce were told not to come to work. These individuals were told that they would have to work from home. This happened in a matter of days for some or weeks for others. 

Families have generally never had to navigate being parents, teachers, employees, and entertainers of children AT THE EXACT same time. 

Couples also haven’t had the luxury AND the challenge of being around each other all day. Navigating what it looks like when trying to get work done, teach the kids, and run a household in the middle of a pandemic is a new resume builder. 

And then if one or both of you are considered essential workers, there is the work dynamic of being around sick people all day. What this can expose your family to throws another wrench into your daily life. 

We are in a time and place where we really need to embrace the question, “what can I do?” It’s time to look at what your needs are and come up with a working plan. This is NOT a forever plan. It’s a fluid plan based on the needs of today to complete what you need to get done.

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It’s amazing what can shift by asking this question. You may not be able to make everything perfect, but simply listening to your spouse’s needs can make all the difference in the world. 

Now is the time to make sure your work dynamic and your marriage are on the same team. You must embrace rather than distance from each other. Don’t forget to keep your marriage moving forward toward a brighter tomorrow.

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