“When a woman tells you she started her period the correct response is NEVER “well that explains it”.” —Anonymous

her cycle

A women’s cycle is often an overlooked topic in marriage. 

Beyond how long it lasts, there’s a lot more to it. Including the impact of her cycle on your marriage. 

A woman’s cycle is more than just those 3-7 days. Just because it happens to every woman does not mean it affects every woman the same way. This time can bring stress into the marriage if the two of you aren’t talking about it.

That’s because “her cycle” is not only affecting her. It’s also not just wives telling husbands what they need. This is more about exploring an area of your marriage and deepening your emotional and physical intimacy. It’s about supporting each other in all aspects of your life. 

Husbands should be able to ask questions so they can better understand and support their wives. Wives should be able to let their husbands know how they are feeling and why. Although it might be an uncomfortable conversation, know it’s a lot less awkward when you realize it’s the basics of biology

It doesn’t matter if you are talking about trying to get pregnant, dealing with a period, or even experiencing menopause, this biology can impact your marriage. It’s not something to ignore. Her cycle is an important area that needs to be understood by both of you. 

More importantly, this needs to be done before she’s in the midst of her cycle. 

This allows both of you the opportunity for sharing what you need or what your perception is before you’re in the middle of it. You’ll both feel more supported and more connected when you have the chance to do this before you’re needing support. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to grow closer. Married couples can and do talk about this.

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