Making time to cuddle with your spouse before and after great sex can do wonders for your marriage.

6 Benefits of Cuddling With Your Spouse

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ on your body? Well it is and because it is you should be using it to benefit your marriage.

When your skin is in contact with your spouse’s skin through cuddling you will connect at a deeper level. This could be emotionally, spiritually, or physically.

Cuddling releases the hormone oxytocin, “the feel-good hormone”, which can lead to overall happiness.

It also releases endorphins, which are the same hormones that are released during a good workout.

Get ready because it’s time to enjoy cuddling with your spouse.

6 Benefits of Cuddling With Your Spouse

Improve Communication

Non-verbal communication makes up 93% of how you and your spouse interact with each other. By cuddling together there’s talk without the words.

Reduces Blood Pressure & Stress

The act of cuddling increase oxytocin “the feel-good” hormone”, which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease and stress levels. This can lower the chance of headaches and other ailments.

Sleep Better

Making time to cuddle with your spouse will help you sleep better. Recent studies have shown that cuddling may lower levels of Cortisol, which is released in response to stress. Less Cortisol in your body means better sleep for you.

Heightened Foreplay

To often you may go for the gusto when it comes to foreplay. Instead strip down and enjoy that skin on skin contact before moving forward. Allow yourself to physically be present in the moment as you bond, build trust, and companionship.

No Distractions

Take back your bedroom! Remember what your bed is intend for. Leave the book, TV, phone, tablet, and other items out of your bedroom. Cuddling helps to focus in on the two of you and not all the other stuff.

Improved Satisfaction

When couples engage in non-sexual touches regularly they are more satisfied in their marriage than those who don’t. (2006 Study by the Berman Center for Women’s Health in Chicago)

It’s now time for you to Cuddle Up in your marriage.

You have a deep desire to feel loved, to be connected at a deeper level.

It’s time to start doing the little things that make up that big thing called LOVE. Best of all cuddling is free!

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  1. Thats what ive been doing alot since i ask my fianc’e 2 marry me and it majorly even helped me alot with my problems with ed because it makes u feel so much more special to your spouce and even yourself. So as i say please do try what’s being explained 2 u because thats what works the best for us and i just cant wait 4 our marriage day to get here . Good luck everybody! 🙂

    • My partner love cuddle but because he likes to insult or humiliate me in public I don’t feel like cuddling him also he put his hole body on my when I complain he calls me selfish what should I do

      • Your partner does not sound like he is adoring and cherishing you like he should. Talk to him about the problem and see how he responds in public & private. If he does not start doing things differently & more respectfully, it might be time to find a new partner.

  2. Physical touch is so vital to a couple to bond… When it’s not there is such a feeling of not being in synch with each other and that feeling slowly changes to a feeling of separation and loss of closeness … And the gap will continue to widen the longer the time period…. Break the cycle!

  3. Thanks for a wonderful post about the great benefits of just cuddling. We are currently couching a couple and this one area has been a stumbling block for them. It seems to indicate deeper unresolved issues. It amazing. If it’s hard to cuddle, you really need to ask yourself, “What’s in the way? Do I have some unresolved problems that I need to talk about? Do I have some built up anger over a past hurt? What is blocking me from simply cuddling?”

    Get to the bottom of whatever issue is there, so you can enjoy the great benefits outlined here of just cuddling….

  4. Me and my Wife cuddle in the afternoon. and early in the morning when you cuddle in the dawn of the morning you feel so close to.your spouse its a feeling even Oxytocin doesn’t know I love my Wife deeply because When We Are together Cuddling you feel.that person needs you and you need them. Remember that your Husband Wife. boyfriend. or girlfriend Fiance. your partners and you want the affection to overflow so try Cuddling and be closer maybe the Distance will be be erased after they.see your Loving more

    • I love this post my partner is so loving and kind to me we always cuddle and hold each other when we are sleeping I love to go to sleep in my man’s arms and wake up in his arms I am thankful to have him as my partner I would do anything for him because he is always considered my feelings and we’ll being Thank God for blessing me with a handsome man on the outside and a beautiful spirit and personality in the inside and he know all this already so yeah he is a gem

  5. We have been married for 28 years and hardly a day pass without hugging (done whenever an opportunity arises) and cuddling (mostly done in bed). It is our way of life since. An argument is very often easily forgiven and forgotten once we hug each other and this makes cuddling more so meaningful. When we hug before we go to work, it brings an atmosphere of peace of mind at work and would look forward to hug again when we reach home. Yes, hugging and cuddling does wonders in a relationship.

  6. I do not know what to do …my husband prefer to cuddle with our cat and than he wonders why I do not want to have a sex with him…

    • I am totally fed up. My husband thinks cuddles and hugs are for children. I have been married for 33 yrs and never been able to sleep, hafe palpitations and anxiety and only just come to the conclusion of what is missing. Even if I ask for a hug he finds an excuse. I hace just realized I have been excluded fro any kind of hug or cuddle for most of my life but all of a sudden now I realize this I feel totally depressed. IOur sex life used to be great but thinking about it was the only time I as close but still wasnt loving..just sex. We have stopped having sex completely now because I feeel so resentful that my husband is totalky unable to show any kind if physical effection. He says I am being childish and refuses to discuss it. I do love him but would give anything for someone to simply hug me and now just find myself yearning to be hugged. I feel totally sad and desperate but too embarrassed to discuss with people who know me.They must assume all is fine but really isnt. I think I am going mad! Any suggestions?

      • Please don’t feel alone. You are not by yourself. Have you thought about family or couples counseling? Also, you could get you a pet, if you don’t already have one. That way, you could hug your pet when you need a hug. Dogs truly are mankind’s best friend because they will come up to you when they sense that you’re sad and just be there for you to hug or just sit beside. Where in this won’t take the place of your mate giving you affection, it will certainly ease your pain of rejection and loneliness. You can also do volunteer work for people in need. You’ll be surprised at how giving someone a hug who’s in need can help YOU as well as them. While you’re doing these things, give him time to consent to counseling. If he continues to ignore your needs after all your efforts, then you know what the next step is. You are not mad for wanting affection from your man. I wish you all the love and success in your life. Stay positive! God bless! 🙂

      • my heart is melting right now for u bee rich am sorry u are going through this I’ve experienced this to with my ex husband but I must say God has bought me a long way I no longer have to go through this anymore the day I left my ex husband was when the day I sayed good bye am literally sitting here crying reading what u going through and what I have been through am so sorry ma’am u going through this is feel your pain right about now I have met the love of my life and I can’t ask for anything better God has blessed me with him

  7. Couples, when they are well adjusted to each other, cuddling becomes easy and meaningful. It is maladjustment that brings about negative moments. To enjoy the full benefit of cuddling as Tony & Alisa enumerated above, they should ensure that they are well adjusted to each other.

  8. I used to not wanna cuddle with my fiance when she wanted it cause everything wlse was falling apart so bad. Now reading all of this really makes me wanna kick myself. I have been trying to cuddle alot for the last year and a half or so and i can barely get her to hold my hand i wish i realized how much cuddling could help before it was to late. Good luck to all i truely feel for you all having problems I’m there myself probably about to lose it all 15 years and most of it probably could have been solved with cuddling go figure

    • Hey Deb,

      Join the club. That happens in our marriage too. What to do… know that this is a bodily function and maybe your husband doesn’t even know he is doing it if he is asleep. Most of the time it’s not something that is done on purpose. Discuss it with him and extend some grace when it happens.