If you haven’t thought about planning a vacation this year for just the two of you, this is your sign. 


In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of spending intentional time with your spouse. This is especially true if you have kids at home. 

Planning a vacation for just the two of you might seem overwhelming, but it is crucial in protecting your intimacy, creating new memories together, and growing your relationship. 

There are six tips to remember while planning a vacation to help make it a meaningful, romantic getaway

1. Recognize the Importance of Time Away

Planning a couple’s vacation is about more than just getting away for the sake of it; it is a valuable investment in your relationship. 

You and your spouse need quality time together. At a minimum, you should enjoy a vacation alone with your spouse once a year. 

Why? Because an annual couple’s vacation provides a time and space to celebrate your relationship and reconnect.

On vacation, you can enjoy uninterrupted conversation, new experiences, and the chance to reignite the spark from your early years of marriage. 

There are so many things competing for your time and attention. Your marriage can easily fall on the back burner. Planning a vacation with your spouse is one of the most practical ways to prioritize your marriage and take action to protect your intimacy. 

2. Plan in Advance

If you don’t already plan a yearly vacation for you and your spouse, now’s the time to start. 

Whether you plan a yearly vacation around your anniversary date or some other time of year, make it a priority to reconnect without the distractions of work, kids, or other responsibilities. Planning a vacation can also give you both something to look forward to each year. 

Plus, when you know you take a vacation together each year, you can plan in advance. As a result, you can save on flights, hotels, or experiences. Even if you plan to stay in your state, you can watch for upcoming events that the two of you would enjoy together. 

3. Choose the Destination Together

When planning a vacation, the destination matters. 

For example, do you want a relaxing beach getaway where you can recharge in the sun, swim in the sea, and share meaningful conversations at sunset? Or would you prefer an adventurous city experience where you can sightsee, try new restaurants, and bond over the thrilling experience? 

While all types of getaways can help you strengthen your marriage, some may be more beneficial at times than others. Consider both of your interests, preferences, and goals for the getaway. 

Then, research your potential destinations together.

Exercise financial intimacy by creating a budget for your trip. You might spark interesting conversations as you examine your options, including new climates, cultures, languages, and activities. 

The process of planning your vacation together may require compromise and flexibility. As a result, you build your emotional intimacy. 

4. Focus on Balance During Your Vacation

There’s almost always one spouse who loves getting out to explore and another spouse who wants to take things slow. And sometimes it switches day by day! 

Finding a balance between adventure and relaxation is necessary to make your vacation enjoyable. 

Allow free time in your itinerary for unexpected opportunities that may arise. Additionally, block off time simply for conversation. You can pair it with a meal, a walk on the beach, or in your hotel room. The point is to be intentional about connecting since that is the goal of your getaway. 

5. Disconnect from the Digital World

Every day, you carry a device in your pocket that can come between you and your spouse. As you plan to embark on a couple’s vacation, push yourself to disconnect fully. 

For instance, silence all of your notifications or delete distracting apps from your phone for the duration of the trip. Put your phone on airplane mode to savor the moment and be present with your spouse. 

Smart devices can limit your intimacy, both emotionally and sexually. So get serious about disconnecting from the digital world and reconnecting with the person right in front of you. 

6. Communicate Your Vacation Expectations

Finally, communicate your expectations before you depart. 

Vacations can impact all of your 6 Pillars of Intimacy®, from physical intimacy to recreational intimacy and beyond, so share your expectations in advance. 

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