The facts don’t lie. Sex can boost your immunity, alleviate stress, increase your life span, and it’s fun.

It’s time to get you to that place where your sexual fire is blazing and exciting.

Over the years when we have talked to many of our listeners they have shared that the downfall to their sex life is because sex has become routine, boring, and an obligation.

We understand because we were there ourselves in our marriage.

Sex was another thing on our to-do list and it was the last thing on the list.

Your sex life doesn’t have to be this way any longer! Follow these 6 tips to get the fire blazing in your sex life and you will be on your way to more passion, romance, and intimacy.

Schedule “IT”

If there is only one thing you can do that will have an immediate impact on your sex life it is to schedule sex. When you put sex on your calendar you’ll be surprised how much more fun you are going to have. You schedule everything else in your life why not sex?

Get Fit & Healthy

Your overall health has an impact on your sex life. If you are run down, tired, just plain ole blah it will be tough to enjoy tho sexual pleasures you desire. Changing your nutrition will have a huge impact on your sexual flame. Starting a fitness program with your spouse brings both of you together as you achieve your goals of becoming fit.

Dress It Up

You’ve had a long day and all you want to do is get into those snuggle jammies and relax. We know because we have our favorite jammies too. Unfortunately, jammies usually don’t equate to hot sex in the bedroom. Ladies put on a flattering dress, high heals and a nightie, or a t-shirt with nothing underneath. Men you need to dress it up too. Put on a pair of jeans with a t-shirt, a silk pajama set, or a sexy pair of boxers.

Write Love Letters

Technology has taken us away from the fine art of writing letters to our lover. At any given moment you can text, DM, Facebook chat, Pair, or a number of other ways to say I love you. We would have to say that these are forgotten rather quickly because of all the other noise that come from these mediums. Get that fire blazing in your sex life and send a hand written love letter to your lover. Drop it on their desk, the bed, or send it to them in the mail. Get ready for some fun once it is read.

Talk About Sex

Having the ability to talk about your sexual desires with your lover is very important in getting that fire blazing. Many couples have a hard time sharing what they desire. You are not alone. Talking about sex outside of the bedroom and not before you are going to have sex is the best time to talk. During this time talk about what you like and dislike. This gives both of you time to process and not be pressured to perform. The only way you are going to get comfortable talking about sex is to start talking about sex.

Take the Lead

Whether you are the high desire or low desire spouse it’s important that both of you initiate sex in your marriage. Pursuing your lover and having your lover pursue you changes the dynamic of your sexual experience. Low desire spouses this is tougher for you, but make the choice to pursue your spouse and be a servant lover.

Growing sexually closer together in your marriage is a process. The way you had sex when you first got marriage may be different now. The sex you enjoy today may change in the future. Put these 6 tips to use at different times in your marriage and enjoy the most intimate act you have with your spouse.

Which tip are you going implement in your marriage today?


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