“That moment when you kiss someone and everything around becomes hazy…” —Never Been Kissed

kissing challenge

You’ve been exploring what kissing looks like in your marriage. You may have learned more about your own kissing behavior and the things that keep you and your spouse from kissing.
You may have also explored what it would take for you to jump-start this in your own marriage, and in doing so it’s time for you to start your very own kissing challenge.

Couples all over the world have recognized that there are times when their marriage needs a reset. Kissing is no different. It’s an integral part of your marriage, particularly as an aspect of your physical intimacy.

From what counts as a kiss to who’s going to take the lead, a  kissing challenge is one more way for the two of you to explore your physical intimacy. 

Choosing to be intentional will take the pressure off both of you. When you are intentional, you are making a commitment to your spouse. You are also making a commitment to explore another part of your marriage which is an additional expression of desire and connection in your marriage. 

By developing these tools, you allow yourself to demonstrate how much your spouse means to you. Having more tools in your toolbox is a win-win for you and your marriage.

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