“If we base our self worth on something as ever changing as our bodies we will forever be on an emotional roller coaster of body obsession and shame.” —Chrissy King

body image

The topic of body image makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable. It may be hard to talk about because you have an image in your head of what you look like.

Depending on what that image might be, you may have mixed emotions when you look in the mirror.

To further complicate things, you may compare yourself to others and to how you think others view you. These body image issues ARE NOT just women’s issues. Men struggle with body image as well.

Many of you are dealing with this and it’s impacting how you show up in the world. It’s impacting your you, your spouse, your marriage and your sexual intimacy. 

It’s important to know that the topic of body image has many layers and all of them can affect each of us differently. 

These layers are further complicated by what’s portrayed to us in the media. Models or porn actors are not the ideal size of the everyday person and yet you are bombarded with this expectation on a daily basis.

Add in the sheer number of pictures that are photoshopped, filtered, or otherwise edited. Is it any wonder that we collectively are struggling with body image issues? 

All of these body image concerns are playing out in the bedroom and may cause you to have a lack of confidence, feelings of being unattractive, and other things around not feeling sexy. 

There’s a strong connection when it comes to your body image and your sexual intimacy. That’s because body image isn’t a switch that just gets flipped. It’s deeply connected to so many parts of our lives. For many, feeling confident enough to say “I’m all good, I love the person in the mirror” is possible and yet it takes a commitment to yourself to realize it. 

It’s important that you both speak positively and encouragingly to each other while on this journey. Focus on being healthy instead of obtaining unrealistic visions of what you are told is “perfect”. 

Most importantly, fight against the negative voices that are running through your head. Replace them with the truth of who you are and you’ll find your confidence will follow.

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